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Go beyond the usual landmarks, down the alleys and avenues, along the trails, and across the rivers to explore this prairie city with the heart of a small town. 111 Places in Winnipeg That You Must Not Miss will be released in fall of 2024.

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I’ve explored extensively at home and have lots of suggestions for things to see and do in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I’ve discovered many attractions during winters and other visits in Arizona, USA.

Other destinations I love to return to include Vancouver Island and England. Check All Destinations for information on these and other places in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama, and Spain.


I’m Donna Janke, a writer from the Canadian prairies and creator of Destinations Detours and Dreams. I love to explore wherever I am and share the stories I find.

Destinations Detours and Dreams contains travel stories about popular attractions and hidden gems told through a combination of narrative, photos, and personal reflection with attention to detail and a focus on culture, history, art, architecture, nature, and food..


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Destinations Detours and Dreams got its start when I began documenting our snowbird experiences when my husband and I started spending winters in a warmer location. Check out our snowbird story.